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  • "Just wanted to give you a quick update on how the job has been going. I'd say I feel a combo of star-struck and excited at the new gig. I've been learning so much on the complete opposite side of the spectrum and performance wise I've been doing great. The team and I work great together and I've been so appreciative of what they have been teaching me. This was the perfect move for me." Business Development Lead, Working at a Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • A software engineer at a startup cryptocurrency exchange technology provider that was actively seeking his first role in the blockchain industry. Software Engineer, New York City

  • A lawyer working at a top-5 law firm in the US that was seeking their first in-house General Counsel role in FinTech. General Counsel, New York City

  • An experienced business operations lead who a background in big law work at a quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm. Business Operations Lead, Jobseeker

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