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Proof of Talent

The team at Proof of Talent has been involved within the cryptocurrency ecosystem since December 2013. We understand the struggles and issues involved with building a company in the blockchain industry and we're here to help.

Industry Specific

At Proof of Talent, we truly live and breathe blockchain and cryptocurrency. That's why we focus EXCLUSIVELY on companies working in the industry.

Talent Focused

It takes the next generation of talent to build a new global financial system. We're cultivating it.

Speed Matters

Whether you're looking for your next impact hire or long-term career opportunity, we know speed makes all the difference.

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Referral Program

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Refer a client OR candidate to Proof of Talent and earn money for helping the blockchain industry grow!
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Laser focus. That's what we provide at Proof of Talent.

We specialize in talent that is most important to growth in blockchain. Front-end developers, protocol developers, product managers, marketing and growth experts, designers, and more.

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Blockchain Companies

Hire top technical talent

Your technical innovation depends on the talent and experience you have as team members. Working with Proof of Talent will give you a competitive edge to finding top candidates to empower future growth.

Blockchain Candidates

Discover your career in blockchain

The Proof of Talent has been involved with the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry for years. We understand what it takes to work in the industry and the interests of job candidates. We’re here to help YOU.

We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding candidate experience. Our process prioritizes the needs and wants of a candidate, and we won’t present opportunities that don’t meet those criteria.