Hiring for Blockchain Talent?

Why you need Proof of Talent

Finding top talent to build your blockchain company can be tough, painstakingly difficult even. That’s where Proof of Talent comes in. We focus on understanding the technology you’re building, your positional needs and the right fit for your company.

Recruiting in the blockchain industry brings about numerous unique challenges, which is why it makes sense to utilize a recruiting firm that is exclusively focused on the industry. We understand the subtle nuances of how the market might effect candidate sentiment, developer ecosystem preferences and more. 

According to LinkedIn, “Blockchain Developer” is the top emerging job in the United States from their 2018 report, with 33x growth. In Hired’s “2019 State of Software Engineers” report, the data also backed up LinkedIn’s, with Hired asserting Blockchain Engineers were the fastest growing profession with 517% growth year over year. 

With that growth, there are only 16,000 professionals in the US with any experience in the subject. Competing for talent in this industry is incredibly difficult, made even more so by rapid turnover and a median job tenure of only 1 year.

The supply of blockchain engineering talent has simply not kept pace with the demand the industry requires, an issue many companies in the space are unfortunately familiar with, creating a shortage of specialized talent necessary to take organizations to the next level.

Building new and innovative technology is difficult enough, so let Proof of Talent handle candidate sourcing, qualification and worry about what’s primary to your business.

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